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About us

CM Capital Investment Management is an investment company, whose core business is asset management with a goal of long-term capital appreciation. Our objective is to systematically deliver attractive returns at an appropriate level of risk. We have a long-term relationship with our clients, based on professionalism and mutual trust, which is crucial for our investors, especially in relation to the assets and values entrusted. Long-term sustainable performance is key for our clients, and we are long-distance runners. We especially believe that lasting, targeted and accurate execution of an investment strategy yields anticipated results.

CM Capital Investment Management manages several Professional Investor Funds. Despite diverse strategies of the funds, they are united by a common denominator of high quality investment strategies. Professional strategy execution with the aim of attaining attractive long term returns set by a rigorous risk management structure provides security, especially during turbulent times. Our portfolio of heterogeneous funds is designed to meet particular requirements of investors as well as to ensure diversification of clients’ investments.

Our team comprises of experts with extensive experience in various fields, including IT, capital markets (bonds, stocks, commodities), risk management and banking. We also have experience in managing companies in the financial and energy sector, and crisis management.

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